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Global Tides (Seaver College)

Global Tides is Pepperdine University's interdisciplinary undergraduate research journal featuring work from the humanities, religion, social science, and international studies. This publication is intended to showcase the finest writings of undergraduate students at Pepperdine and to further the academic standing of the university by encouraging students to produce work of the highest quality. Global Tides is a student-led, peer-reviewed journal in which papers are subjected to a rigorous review process to determine their suitability for publication.

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Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary (Caruso School of Law)

In collaboration with the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary, Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law publishes the Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary. This journal is recognized as the finest and most scholarly publication exclusively focused on developments affecting the administrative judiciary. Student staff members edit various scholarly articles written by judges, professors, and lawyers and also work with a faculty editor in publishing the journal.

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Leaven (Religion)

LEAVEN is a non-profit journal published quarterly by the Religion Division at Pepperdine University. LEAVEN exists to help fellow Christians think together about the challenges of ministry.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

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Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal (Caruso School of Law)

The Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal seeks to facilitate an intellectual discourse on the rapidly evolving field of alternative dispute resolution. We are committed to publishing a wide variety of articles presenting different viewpoints and perspectives from practitioners, academics, and students.

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Pepperdine Journal of Communication Research (Communication)

The Pepperdine Journal of Communication Research seeks to pursue truth and academic excellence in the field of communication by recognizing outstanding student scholarship that explores interpersonal, organizational, rhetoric and leadership, and intercultural communication. Through rigorous peer-review, the Journal strives to contribute to ongoing discussions in communication studies by publishing student papers that investigate a variety of contemporary topics and issues. Submissions explore the many contexts of personal and professional communication, unveiling the shifting goals, strategies, and relationships that define interactions in our society. Papers may take the form of book reviews, research articles, or essays. We encourage application from students throughout the public relations, advertising, integrated marketing communication, journalism, communication studies, and sports administration programs.

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Pepperdine Law Review (Caruso School of Law)

The Pepperdine Law Review is a scholarly legal journal edited and published by students at the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law. Members of the Law Review are selected on the basis of academic excellence and outstanding scholarship, and membership in the Law Review is recognized as both an honor and a unique educational experience. The members of the Law Review edit articles written by professors, lawyers, judges, legislators, and other scholars, as well as producing their own Comments or Notes on legal developments and significant cases.

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Pepperdine Policy Review (School of Public Policy)

The Pepperdine Policy Review is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy that showcases the best scholarly work in the field of public policy. The journal seeks submissions with a public policy focus in international relations, economics, American politics, and state and local policy.

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The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law (Caruso School of Law)

The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law contributes to the body of legal knowledge in the fields of business and entrepreneurship. The Journal maintains a traditional print journal, an online publication, and a blog to foster interdisciplinary exploration of the legal issues pertaining to business and entrepreneurship. JBEL publishes two issues per year, one each fall and spring semester, containing articles from judges, lawyers, law professors, academics, and student authored notes and comments. Additionally, the Journal seeks host symposia in the fields of business and entrepreneurship, and at times will publish resulting symposia issues.

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The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance (Graziadio School of Business and Management)

Scholarly Research about the Financial Economics of Entrepreneurship & Small Business

The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance (JEF) was established in 1991 and is a premier source of academic research related to small business finance and entrepreneurship. The journal's audience, both as authors and as readers, includes academicians and practitioners in the field everywhere. Relevance, originality, rigor, timeliness, and quality are among the key criteria used for making decisions on submitted manuscripts.

The JEF publishes both print and digital editions. There is neither a submission fee nor a publishing fee. To ensure maximum impact and reach, the journal is indexed in Digital Commons, ProQuest, EconPapers, EconStor, RePEc, as well as other indices and repositories.

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The Scholarship Without Borders Journal (Graduate School of Education and Psychology)

The Scholarship Without Borders Journal promotes the research and scholarly activity of GSEP faculty, staff, students, and partners which supports the Pepperdine mission of purpose, service, and leadership.

We believe “that truth, having nothing to fear from investigation, should be pursued relentlessly in every discipline” (GSEP Affirmation Statement), and pursue this standard with rigor, respect, and tolerance for disagreements.

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