Events from 2023

Photochemical Formic Acid Dehydrogenation by Tethered and Untethered Iridium Complexes, Elizabeth T. Chang, David B. Green, and Kelsey R. Brereton


Quantitation of female newt tetrodotoxin concentrations and their impact in the newt-garter snake evolutionary arms race, Anna Frey, david green dr., lee kats dr., and gary bucciarelli dr.

Determination of the total energy budget of Hetaerina titia: Method development and application to the study of seasonal and regional polyphenism, C. Foster Foster Graf, Ann E. Finneran, Kathleen M. Coates, Gregory F. Grether, and David B. Green

Gaseous Product Identification and Temporal Analysis of Heterogeneous Reactions of Alkali Chlorides with HNO3 Solutions, Lauren Liu, Kaitlyn Osborne, and Jane A. Ganske Ph.D.

Silver-Free Synthesis of Iridium-Aqua Complexes by Heterogeneous Solid-Phase Ion-Exchange, Melanie C. Oliva, David B. Green, and Kelsey R. Brereton

Events from 2022

Quantitation of tetrodotoxin and its role in understanding the evolutionary and environmental consequences in the newt-garter snake prey-predator relationship, Anna Frey, David Green Dr., and Gary Bucciarelli Dr.

Synthesis and characterization of tridentate ketoimines and their use in preparation of a series of magnesium, zinc, and aluminum complexes, Ashley E. Fricker, Kelsey R. Brereton, Arnold L. Rheingold, Joseph M. Fritsch, and Erika Samolova

Product identification and quantitation in the reaction between solid NaCl and HNO3 solutions: A multicomponent Beer's law analysis utilizing UV-Vis and IR spectrophotometry, Bridget E. Johnson, Andrew C. Nielsen, and Jane A. Ganske

Events from 2021


Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Regioselectivity for a Series of Ketoimines with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory, Amanda Stahl, Joseph M. Fritsch, and Kelsey R. Brereton

Events from 2019

Optimizing the Dialkylation and Hydrolysis of Imines, Aurora Authument, Michael Kruel, and James White

Events from 2018

One-pot preparation of 2,7-disubstituted cycloheptanones and their ring-closing metatheses, Nathan Behrens and Ashley Yoon


Synthesis of dimeric zinc complexes for use as ring opening polymerization catalysts, Kyle D. Brooks, Arnlold Rheingold, David B. Green, and Joe Fritsch


Computational Investigation of the Ring-opening Homo- and Co-Polymerizations of Lactide and ε-Caprolactone, Diego Garcia, Benjamin Wilson, and Joe Fritsch

Determination of biological aminothiols by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with post-column reaction and indirect fluorescence detection, Lina Mikaliunaite

Isolation and characterization of alkaloids from Lupinus albifrons and Tecoma capensis, Christian Sanchez

Analysis of a complex gaseous mixture using ro-vibrational spectroscopy: A study of the Ira Remsen reaction for the upper-division laboratory, Trevor Sytsma, Amy Li, and Jane Ganske

Events from 2017

High performance liquid chromatographic determination of four biological aminothiols after microwave-enhanced derivatization with SBD-F, Morgan B. Blayney 4775509, Lina Mikaliunite, Susan E. Helm, and David B. Green

Synthesis and characterization of hyper-coordinate silicon complexes, Kevin J. Goosherst, David B. Green, and Joseph M. Fritsch

Molecular Cloning of the FabB and FabH enzymes in E. coli Bacteria, Lia M. Jablonski, Shane B. Bryant, and P. Matthew Joyner

Analytical- and Preparative-Scale Isolation of Oleandrin from Nerium Oleander using Microwave-Assisted Extraction Coupled with Purification using Supported-Metal Ion Solid Phase Extraction Resins, Lia M. Jablonski and David Green

Effect of electron-withdrawing groups on the ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone, Christian Ortiz and Benjamin Wilson

Generation of nitrosyl and nitryl halides using heterogeneous reaction chemistry: A spectroscopic and computational project for the physical/atmospheric chemistry laboratory, Trevor Sytsma, Amy Li, and Jane Ganske

Events from 2016

Determination of aminothiols in blood and tissue by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with post-column derivatization and fluorescence detection, Morgan B. Blayney 4775509, David B. Green, and Susan E. Helm

Photooxidation of squalene on titanium dioxide particles, Madeline Byrd, Marissa L. Kaak, and Jane A. Ganske


Genetically induced production of secondary metabolites in Bacillus megaterium, Majie C. Foster, Jay L. Brewster, and P. Matthew Joyner

Application of microwave-assisted extraction of oleandrin from Nerium oleander coupled with purification with using divalent metal ion-loaded cation exchange resins, Lia M. Jablonski

Aluminum Alkoxide Complexes that Polymerize ε-Caprolactone and L-lactide, Angela M. Longo, Arnold L. Rheingold, and Joseph M. Fritsch


Biodegradable copolymers made with magnesium complexes, Reile M. Slattery and Joseph M. Fritsch

Events from 2015

Isolation of germicidal agents in Artemisia californica, Mark C. Hieromnimon and P. Matthew Joyner

TiO2 mediated photooxidation of squalene: A kinetic and mechanistic study, Marissa L. Kaak

Characterization and removal of a previously unknown impurity in the synthesis of 2-NBDG, Young Kim

Solid-phase extraction using new divalent metal ion-loaded cation exchange resins and application to the isolation of oleandrin from Nerium oleander, Amy Li, Lia M. Jablonski, and David Green

Polymerization of ϵ-caprolactone by aluminum alkoxide complexes supported by tridentate ketoiminates bearing electron-withdrawing groups, Alexandria McCollum, Arnold L. Rheingold, and Joseph M. Fritsch

Polymerization of lactide by aluminum ion pairs studied with 27Al NMR, Logan A. Schmitz


L-Lactide and ϵ-caprolactone ring opening polymerization by binary catalysts systems that include bis-ligated magnesium complexes, Reile M. Slattery, Arnold L. Rheingold, and Joseph M. Fritsch

Events from 2014


Isolation of Antibacterial Compounds from Artemisia californica, Jae Eun Min