Nicole Brown


Current information pertaining to families with a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders indicates a need for parent interventions that target social skills training, culturally responsive treatments for ethnic minorities, and stress and coping. In response to these needs, a culturally responsive program was designed to teach parents of children ages 6-12 with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), to facilitate social skills development in their children and reduce the parental stress associated with having a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The program is intended to be a resource for clinicians that want to provide culturally responsive social skills training for parents of children with ASD, by serving as an adjunct to traditional forms of social skills training. This study consisted of three phases. The first phase consisted of a comprehensive review of existing literature. The second stage consisted of the integration of data in preparation for the development of the program. The final stage consisted of having the program evaluated for accuracy, effectiveness, and relevance of content by an expert panel.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders; Social skills training; Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Harrell, Shelly