This study examined the impact of teamwork training provided to intact teams of organization leaders in a single healthcare services company. The subjects of the training were teams of Regional Operations Directors participating in a company-sponsored, 4-day training session focused on examining current and desired levels of collaboration among members. Primary data were collected pre- and post-session using an online Team Effectiveness Tool (TET), measuring group skills, processes, and "emergent states" of climate, affinity, and member satisfaction. Analysis of primary data revealed statistically significant improvements in 22 of the 29 TET items at a 0.01 level of confidence. Secondary data involving objective measures of business performance (productivity, labor cost, quality, employee turnover) were also collected pre- and post-session, and revealed statistically significant changes in two of the four objective measures of performance post-training (clinical quality and employee turnover at the 0.01 and 0.05 levels of confidence, respectively). Correlation and regression analyses indicate a statistically significant relationship (at 0.01 confidence level) of changes in team behaviors post-training and improvements in clinical quality. These case study results strongly suggested a strong, positive relationship between teamwork training for leadership teams and improvements in two important drivers of business success for this company - clinical quality and employee turnover.

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Teams in the workplace; Leadership -- Case studies; Dissertations (EdD) -- Organization change

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