Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) in the financial service industry has reached a tipping point of making changes to address incoming global competition. The unprecedented wave of policy shifts in the market will uncage powerful rivals worldwide and demand the SOEs to change. This study reviewed the best practices and unique challenges to the SOEs in the context of organizational change and strove to explore the best organizational change model for Chinese SOEs in addressing global challenges. This study began by reviewing the background and literature about Chinese SOE development and organizational change, then developed an instrument consisting of critical items derived from the literature view, and last, established a four-step organizational change model based on the merged themes from the critical practices and steps identified through three rounds of the Delphi study. In terms of results, this four-step organizational change model highlights using effective communication to guide and coordinate the whole change process and establishing reliable change coalitions to address unique and persistent resistances to change, such as the iron rice bowl mentality, in Chinese SOEs. Moreover, this model suggests implementing change through clear metrics and goals to track and quantify the progress of planned change, ensure transparency of the change processes, and provide reliable feedback and guidance for leaders and coalition to adjust the change implementation stage accordingly. Furthermore, this change model advocates securing change through appropriate leadership styles to ensure the changed behaviors are safe from regression and ensure the change is institutionalized within the changed organization. With effective communication, reliable coalition, and strong leadership established through implementing this change model, the changed SOEs should be able to keep pace with the fast-changing world, turn challenges into opportunities, and thrive in global competitions.

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Government business enterprises--China; Organizational change; Management--Financial services industry

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Farzin Madjidi