Most public organizations in Saudi Arabia currently face leadership problems such as the inability to meet organizational performance targets, low productivity, and poor motivation. This study presents a critical analysis of the extent to which a participative leadership style could help improve these leadership challenges in the Saudi Arabia public sector organizations. Its main objective was to determine the impact participative leadership has on employee performance in the Saudi Arabia public sector. It focused on analyzing the positive impact the participative leadership approach has on employee performance that contributes to enhanced employee performance and organizational performance. However, the participative leadership approach represents the independent variable for the study while employee performance is the dependent variable. In this case, performance refers to the capacity to combine the correct behavior skills in order to aid in the attainment and objectives of an organization. It entails quality and quantity of work as well as the workers' capabilities. This study used a quantitative research method. The population of interest in this study was employees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia. The total number of the participants was 110 employees and all of them worked for more than 1 year by the time the study was conducted. This study utilized an online survey for collecting primary data. For 1 week, the study collected data from 110 respondents whose information is kept confidential through online survey questionnaires in English and Arabic. The anticipated outcome from the study and existing research was that workers who experience or perceive to experience participative leadership in the Saudi Arabia public sector perform better than other workers by completing more organizational goals through quality work and teamwork within a supportive workplace environment.

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Public administration -- Saudi Arabia; Management -- Employee participation -- Saudi Arabia; Employee morale -- Saudi Arabia

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