This study investigated to what extent, if any, developing a norm of love might be accepted, incorporated, sustained, and beneficial to an organization. Participants included 18 directors, manager, and supervisors of a 24-year-old telecommunications company located in Puerto Rico. Data were collected through individual interviews where interviewees shared their perspectives on the possibility of adopting the norm of love, their acceptance of it, and how they would implement it. Findings indicated that a majority (83.33%) of the participants acknowledged that love is part of the human essence and whole selves, and that such a norm would be beneficial to employees and the organization. Findings additionally suggested that the norm could be sustained when supported by a thorough implementation strategy, including all stakeholders int eh effort, and preparing the organization to face challenges that emerge before, during, and after implementing the norm. Based on these findings, it may be concluded that love could become an organizational norm.

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Love; Work -- Psychological aspects; Organizational change

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Graziadio Business School



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Kent Rhodes