Communication and leadership are both important components of a successful organization and can play a role in an employee's psychological well-being. This study looks at managers communication and the real-life impact on an employee's experience at work and how it affects their happiness. This study uses a mixed methodology to build a foundation of data, each from the managers and employees' point of view to build context and generate a direction a manager can take when communicating with their staff. The manager and employee reactions showed a correlation between a manager's ability to communicate their appreciation to their employee. A relationship was found between an employee's psychological well-being and their managers appreciative communication. There was evidence of an increase in productivity when an employee felt appreciated. Although a manager's communication is not a unique variable in an employee's psychological well-being, it plays a role in developing a happier employee.

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Employees -- Psychology; Well-being -- Employees; Leadership; Business communication

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Graziadio Business School



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Gary Mangiofico