Events from 2019

Waves: A Mobile App for Exploring Partial Differential Equations, Frederick Joubert, David Nicholas, and Jereld Chng

Events from 2018

Slopes: A Graphical View of Differential Equations, Frederick Joubert and Frank Garcia

Linear Trajectories on Homothety Surfaces, Slade Sanderson

Events from 2017

Coin Configuration Spaces, Madison T. Hays and MacKenna S. Waggener

A Discrete Stage-Structured Model of Newt Population Declines Due to Severe Drought, Marjorie T. Jones

Slopes: A Differential Equations Graphing Environment, Jacques Joubert and Joshua C. Haug

Investigating the Spatial Effects of Severe Drought on a California Newt Population, Slade Sanderson

Events from 2015


Economic Analysis of Flight Delay, Nathan D. Boettcher


An Individual-Based Model of Chaparral Vegetation Response to Frequent Wildfire, Timothy Lucas, Dayna Mann, and Reanna Dona

Applications and Mathematical Challenges of Digital Image Mosaicking, Erika A. Ordog and Hanna Kristensen

Events from 2014


What Makes A ‘Good’ Definition: Analyzing Students’ Conceptions of Mathematical Definitions and the Pedagogy of Definitions In Math Education, Jesse Aston


A Contagion Model of Emergency Airplane Evacuations, Junyuan Lin