Weisman Museum


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Friday, March 23rd
3:45 PM

Performing Arts Session

Danielle Adair
Bethany Adamski
Alexa Birt
Stephanie Burris
Rebecca Calix
William Castro
David Fraley
Rebecca Franklin
Tyler Fehrman
Abigail Gast
Brandon Gille
Joe Hebel
Joe Hertz
Edward Kang
Lauren Lee
Gabrielle Meacham
Hannah Miller
Rachel Miner
Hope Mueller
Liam Nixon
Adrian Patino
Jonathan Pryde
Alexis Raymond
Cera Riveland
Angelo Silva
Nathaniel Thompson
Emma Ujifusa

Weisman Museum

3:45 PM - 6:00 PM

The music department is proud to present the research of its students through performance. Most of these students are majoring or minoring in music and spend considerable time developing their technique and mastering the art of expression. Each performance is informed by significant research on the composer and the composition.

These performances will feature the following students and will include classical guitar, arias, art song, instrumental solo pieces and instrumental chamber music. The performances will appear in no particular order. Please stop by and enjoy this offering of classical music in the lively acoustic and glorious backdrop of the Weisman Museum of Art. The musicians will be performing in the upper gallery.