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Undoing Performance in Micro Finance Institutions: Reflections on Regulatory Framework in Kenya
Victor Mwendwa Muithya, Stephen Muathe PhD, and Godfrey Kinyua PhD


Aquatic invasive species: general trends in the literature and introduction to the special issue
Sidinei M. Thomaz, Katya E. Kovalenko, John E. Havel, and Lee B. Kats


Scalable fabrication of a hybrid field-effect and acousto-electric device by direct growth of monolayer MoS2/LiNbO3
Edwin Preciado, Florian J.R. Schülein, Ariana E. Nguyen, David Barroso, Miguel Isarraraz, Gretel Von Son, I. Hsi Lu, Wladislaw Michailow, Benjamin Möller, Velveth Klee, John Mann, Achim Wixforth, Ludwig Bartels, and Hubert J. Krenner

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