Achievement motivation has been identified as an important element of organization behavior due to the impact it can have on an individual's performance, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. At the same time, work-life balance has become increasingly valuable to employees. There is much literature supporting the positive impacts of achievement motivation, job satisfaction and work-life balance. In addition, theories exist which detail the relationships between the studied variables, but little research has been completed studying the results in corporate and retail settings. This study evaluated the relationship between individual's achievement motivation and job satisfaction, the relationship between an individual's achievement motivation and work-life balance, and the relationship between an individual's job satisfaction and work-life balance. A quantitative study was conducted using three survey instruments. The Achievement Motivation Inventory (AMI) instrument will measure achievement motivation in this study via a modified short version featuring 30 questions. The 18 question Job in General (JIG) scale will be utilized to measure job satisfaction in this study. The 5 question Work-Family Conflict Scale (WFC) will be the instrument used to measure work-life balance in this study. A non-random, as a convenience sample was used to select participants for this study. The population consisted of salaried store management employees who work in multiple store locations for a large corporation who were willing to voluntarily participate in the study. Research question one tested achievement motivation and job satisfaction via the Achievement Motivation Inventory and Job in General scale. The analysis indicated that there is a weak positive linear relationship between the two studied variables. This relationship between a salaried retail manager's level of achievement motivation and their level of job satisfaction was found to be a statistically significant relationship. This was the only research question to feature a relationship between the studied variables that was statistically significant.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Stores, Retail -- Management -- Job satisfaction; Work-life balance; Achievement motivation

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