This dissertation identifies the relevant literature and methods that were used to develop a facilitator's handbook for a culturally-specific intervention for adolescent males of African ancestry. The handbook, 'Reclaiming Empowerment, Agency, and Collective Healing for Youth' (R.E.A.C.H.-Youth) provides curriculum for a culturally-centered and social justice-oriented group intervention for adolescent males of African ancestry. The resource developed will serve to provide empowerment for healing for young adolescents who have experienced historical discrimination and the negative effects of racism and discrimination in the United States. Adolescent young men of African ancestry are one of the many groups within the US that have experienced the negative effects of racism and oppression. Developing these small communities of healing are culturally congruent to African centered modalities of therapeutic treatment and designed to help these young people being to create a sense of community within their peers. Included are the Reach Youth Handbook and Reader, and implications for the future.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; African American young men -- Psychology; Cross-cultural counseling

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Rowe, Daryl M.;