This pilot study developed a training manual and presentation for clinicians (i.e. Service Coordinators and Psychologists) in the Los Angeles area working in community agencies, specifically Westside Regional Center, that is on the front line of diagnosis of Latino children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The aim of this pilot study was to inform and educate clinicians on how to assist families and their child after age 3 who have been newly diagnosed with ASD. By training clinicians to be culturally responsive when engaging with families they can better assist in empowering parents over their child’s ASD diagnosis. Empowered parents are more likely to use and access therapeutic services offered in the community for their child. Using convenience sampling, eleven clinicians attended a ninety-minute training/Powerpoint presentation. After the presentation, the clinicians completed a nine-item evaluation form to determine the effectiveness of the training. Feedback from the participants will be used for future editions of this training manual and presentation. Results from this pilot study suggest that clinicians would benefit from this training/presentation to engage Latino families in a culturally responsive manner when discussing their child’s ASD diagnosis.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Autism spectrum disorders in children -- California -- Los Angeles -- Treatment; Parents of autistic children -- California -- Los Angeles -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Hispanic Americans -- Services for -- California -- Los Angeles

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