This quantitative study focuses on the ad disclosure techniques used by celebrity endorsers on Instagram. The goal of this research is to create a website that can serve as an educational resources that social media users can consult to learn more about celebrity paid endorsements on Instagram, along with providing a resource for agencies and other related organizations in the marketing and advertising industry to consult when planning social media campaigns revolving around celebrity endorsers. A content analysis of the top 20 most followed celebrity Instagram profiles was conducted for the month of July 2016. Analysis of 835 Instagram posts revealed that organic disclosure, in which an endorser does not disclose the paid nature of a post, was the most utilized endorsement technique amongst celebrities. The results also showed that singers and athletes were the celebrities with the highest frequency of endorsements and entertainment products were the most frequently endorsed category of products.

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Dissertations (MA) -- Communication; Instagram (Firm); Endorsements in advertising -- Case studies; Fame -- Economic aspects

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Seaver College



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Hoyoung, Ahn (Anthony)