Cognitive restructuring is a central component of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and thought records have for decades been a widely used method for helping clients to identify, evaluate, and modify dysfunctional thoughts. The widespread adoption of mobile technology along with changing habits and expectations of therapy clients have led to the development of numerous mobile apps aimed at replicating this core aspect of CBT. This review identifies, describes, and compares current CBT apps that include digitized versions of thought records. Searches of the Apple App Store, Android Google Play Store, published literature, and relevant websites yielded 19 apps that were reviewed and compared with respect to their representation and sequencing of common cognitive restructuring elements. The apps were also compared across a variety of variables of likely relevance to practicing clinicians, including cost, data security, empirical support, user reviews, provision of additional clinical tools, and the involvement of mental health professionals in their development. The review aims to be a resource for practicing clinicians interested in selecting a cognitive restructuring app that replicates paper-based thought records in digital form. Following a discussion of limitations of the current review, recommendations and future directions are described.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Cognitive therapy; Mobile apps -- Evaluation; Technological innovations -- Psychological aspects

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