The present study aimed to provide literature on community-based programs and correlated participant satisfaction, to examine the factors that contribute to participant satisfaction within community-based programs, and to evaluate outcomes of participant satisfaction for MECCA’s O&E program, as well as reflection on components of the O&E program that produce satisfaction ratings. The primary research question of the present study was: Were participants satisfied with their participant in MECCA’s O&E program for both fiscal years and if so, what factors may have contributed to their satisfaction? Through use of description analyses on outcomes of the Participant Satisfaction Survey from MECCA’s six community-based agencies, findings indicate that MECCA provided culturally-responsive and linguistically congruent services. Additionally, participants were satisfied overall with the O&E services and would elect to obtain services from the O&E program again. O&E’s success can be attributed to MECCA’s foundation in cultural responsiveness, diversity empowerment, destigmatizing mental health services, and collaboration with the communities to create and provide community-based programs.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Community centers -- California -- Orange County; Minority families -- Case studies; Multiculturalism -- California -- Orange County

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Gallardo, Miguel E.;