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With nearly 2.9 million work related injuries in the United States each year and nearly 5,000 work related deaths, opportunities exist to build on existing safety management interventions to improve workplace safety. In addition to the impact on worker’s lives related to workplace safety accidents, workplace related injuries and deaths account for nearly $200 billion in direct costs to U.S. organizations. Current research in the application of workplace mindfulness offers the potential for a leading edge intervention that can lead to increased attention and situational awareness, which could greatly enhance workplace safety. The current study explored the relationship that low-dose mindfulness practice has on workplace safety. Included in the current study was an examination of current and historical interventions for managing safety as well as a review of mindfulness research, with an emphasis on workplace mindfulness, and finally a review of the limited research that has begun to explore the relationship between mindfulness and workplace safety. A case study was conducted with a lab in a large bio-tech company in Southern California. 16 participants engaged in daily mindfulness training for six weeks. After the six-week trial, participants were interviewed, results were analyzed and organized into results, theoretical implications, and practical implications. The case study concluded with summarizing key themes, surfacing limitations of the study and recommendations for further study were identified. The findings of this study suggest there are great opportunities for low-dose mindfulness to positively impact workplace safety, potentially saving individuals from harm and organizations from costly accidents.

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Dissertations (MA) -- Organization Development; Industrial safety -- Psychological aspects; Mindfulness (Psychology)

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