The experience of depression and overall well-being for multi-ethnic individuals is influenced by numerous factors including immigration experience, acculturative stress, English language proficiency, perceived discrimination, and ethnic identity. Multi-ethnic individuals are at a heightened risk for mental health difficulties due to limited access to resources within the community and mental health stigma. Lack of social support and culturally appropriate services magnify this disparity for this population. This study evaluates the impact of the Multi-ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA) Outreach & Engagement (O&E) program, a community-based program that provides culturally-responsive services, support, and resources for marginalized ethnic specific communities. Services of the program include case management, life coaching, skill building classes and groups, and referrals to services within the community. Using a pre and posttest design, outcomes related to depression symptoms and overall well-being were assessed for participants in the program for 2 fiscal years. For the 1st fiscal year, participants reported an improvement in well-being and no significant decrease in depression symptoms. For the 2nd fiscal year, participants reported both a decrease in depression symptoms and in increase in overall well-being. These findings suggest that culturally responsive community-based interventions focused on increasing social support, providing resources, and addressing mental health stigma can be valuable in addressing depression and well-being in multi-ethnic communities. In addition, the results also suggest that ethnic-specific services conducted in an individual’s native language may have a positive impact on depression and well-being.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Minorities -- Mental health; Depression -- Treatment; Community mental health services -- Case studies

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Gallardo, Miguel E.;