Organization Development has the potential to play an active role in supporting environmental change initiatives. This study explores the values of a group of OD practitioners who are working with environmental concerns as a consideration in their practice. Nine qualitative interviews were conducted to explore values and surface factors that have influenced those values. The Schwartz Value Questionnaire (SVQ) and the Nature Relatedness Scale were administered to better understand practitioner values. Elements of self-transcendent values were revealed amongst practitioners through both quantitative and qualitative methods. In addition, these practitioners scored higher than the average population on Nature Relatedness. This study supported research, which linked an individual’s self-transcendent values to feelings of environmental concern. This study also supported research by Schein (2014), which showed that certain experiences shaped ecological worldviews of sustainability leaders over their lifespan. The field of OD has an opportunity to enable more of its students and practitioners to adopt this ecological worldview and gravitate towards leveraging OD expertise in the environmental sustainability space.

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Dissertations (MA) -- Organization Development; Environmental protection -- Management; Organizational change -- Comparative method; Organizational effectiveness -- Measurement

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Graziadio Business School



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Egan, Terri;