The purpose of this study was to learn about: the demographic profile of South Bay area high school Career Technical Education students (those that enroll in Career Technical Education Courses outside the school day), their perceptions related to Career Technical Education, the people and other factos that influence them to enroll in Career Technical Education courses, and students' opinions on which communication strategies present the advantages of enrolling in a career technical education course. The design of the study was quantitative and descriptive in nature and utilized survey methodology. The study was descriptive in that the outcome was an assessment of the nature of existing conditions. A survey instrument consisted of 48 questions and was administered to 160 high school students enrolled in one or more CTE courses at a Career Technical Education center in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Courses were offered outside of the regular school day. Findings from this study indicated that high school students enrolled in CTE courses outside of the school day have a career plan and understand the benefits of completing high school and pursuing additional education to achieve theri career goals. Students participating in this study perceived that CTE courses are for all students, as well as for students who struggle academically. Students enrolled in CTE courses outside the school day are influenced to enroll in CTE by friends, mothers, and female guardians. An additional factor that influenced students to enroll in CTE courses is having a career plan. Students participating in this study identified the following most effective ways to communicate information about CTE courses; presentations at their high school, attending a career day at their high school and receiving information from a friend.

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