Sandeep Atwal


The purpose of this study was to devise a mode of treatment that would be helpful when clinically working with the East Indian community. A theoretical orientation of Indian psychology was describes using the principles found in various Hindu scriptures. The scriptures show that an unbalance and a disconnection from the true self causes psychological problems and as the individual comes in contact with the true self the psychological problems are eliminated. Different theories for understanding the human psyche are used to describe this process: the triguna theory, the kosha theory, Ayurveda, and Patanjali's Yoga. These different theories work together to help distinguish the difference between healthy and unhealthy personalities and to show ways in which personality can be altered to health. This dissertation outlines a theory of mind, assessment, and interventions that can be used when working with an East Indian client that would be consistent with the Hindu worldview.

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East Indian Americans -- Psychology; Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology

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Rowe, Daryl M.;