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Authentic leadership emphasizes the role of ethics and trust a leader displays and which can be a natural and inherent part of a leader’s behavior (Robbins & Judge, 2010). Leaders who are authentic know who they are, know what they believe in and value, and behave in a way that reinforces those values and beliefs openly and candidly (2010). Authenticity is inward-focused and reflects on the behaviors that a leader believes are virtuous and true, from which they project a self-perception that is consistent with their self-concept (Sosik & Cameron, 2010). Studies within the spectrum of sports have identified that leadership among coaches is a contributor to individual and team performance (Kent & Chelladurai, 2001). In the field of amateur wrestling, coaches can be highly influential in improving their followers’ self-efficacy, which may lead to improved performance and completion of objectives (Rutkowska & Gierczuk, 2012). In leadership literature, however, a substantial gap exists regarding the importance of authentic leadership in sports. This study was executed to identify which qualities, if any, were displayed by amateur wrestling coaches that are consistent with authentic leadership. The study revealed that four constructs - self-awareness, relational transparency, balanced processing, and internalized moral perspective - were each rated highly both by the coaches themselves and other raters. What was also revealed was that authentic leadership had a relationship with success as reported by assistant wrestling coaches. The study also showed that head wrestling coaches had similar views of their own authentic leadership as that reported by assistant coaches and wrestlers. There was not enough evidence to support a relationship with success as reported by the head coaches and their wrestlers.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Leadership; Wrestling coaches; Educational leadership

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