This study identified the self-perceived leadership practices of heads of schools in California independent schools as determined by the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). Quantitative analysis was used to determine the extent of endorsement of statements on each of the five leadership practices, which comprise the LPI subscales. Small but statistically significant differences were found in the means for the subscales, with enable others to act having the highest mean rating, and model the way having the second highest. The scores of the respondents for the present study were compared to scores from a recent study of California public school principals. Small but statistically significant differences were found between the means of the two groups. The author discusses implications of the study and makes recommendations for practical applications for leadership training, hiring, and promotion of independent schools.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Leadership -- Case studies; Private schools -- California -- Case studies; School principals -- Self-rating of -- California

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Schmieder-Ramirez, June;