Pao Lo


This dissertation study examines how cable television executives are able to experience the phenomenon of candor with their teams. The research used a phenomenological research framework to gain an understanding of how cable executives are able to experience candor. Face to face interviews was the method and tool used to obtain the data. The cable executives were purposefully selected from the researcher’s professional network to participate. The research analyzed the data to reveal any common themes or undertones in how the phenomenon of candor is experienced. The research discovered that cable executives do experience candor and the environment to foster candor is a determining factor. Further analysis unveiled areas where the cable executives can influence the environment by building relationships, trust, and modeling the desired behavior. The environment influences feedback and employee performance. The research did find that cable executives do implement a level of discretion when dealing with confidential information. Discretionary candor varies and is dependent on the nature of the information in terms of the level of disclosure and nature of the relationship. The research provides areas that warrant further research; how leaders create the environment and atmosphere that foster candor; is there a difference in how male and female leaders create an environment for candor; what are the human characteristics of leaders that accelerate the atmosphere and environment that foster candor; what are the human characteristics, emotional or mental state that followers and team members need to have to accept and contribute into a candid environment; and how candor contributes to employee retention. The areas for further research can assist new or existing managers and leaders accelerate the creation of the environment conducive to experiencing the phenomenon of candor.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Cable television -- Management; Executives -- Professional relationships; Honesty

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