There is an increase in the number of children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. However, significant racial and ethnic disparities exist in the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder. Based on the literature, Latino children appear to be under diagnosed or misdiagnosed with other psychological disorders rather than autism spectrum disorder. In addition, Latino children are typically diagnosed at a later age than their White peers. There is almost no research devoted to the assessment of autism spectrum disorder with young Latino children and there is insufficient research related to cultural perceptions of symptoms which can influence parental report. There is an increasing need to provide culturally appropriate Spanish language assessment to Latino children and their families. Therefore, this dissertation provides a critical review of those tests that are frequently cited in the literature or available in Spanish for use in the neuropsychological assessment of young Latino children suspected of having autism spectrum disorder within the following domains: Social Communication and Social Interaction; Speech, Language and Communication; Restricted, Repetitive Behaviors, Interests or Activities; Sensory Processing/Sensory Integration and; Developmental and Adaptive Functioning. Tests used to aid in the differential diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and other emotional and behavioral disorders in Latino children are also included. A few select tools are recommended for use with this population to be used as a resource for those clinicians serving this population.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Autism spectrum disorders in children; Hispanic American children

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Gallardo, Miguel E.;