This study focused on the California State University system's enrollment management activities. For schools in California who rely on state funds, managing enrollment has to be balanced with competing campus priorities, limited resources, volatile economic times, and the primary mission of the system which is serving students whose goal is to achieve a college degree. Hossler and Bean (1990) defined enrollment management as the activities a campus conducts and how it organizes itself in order to influence student enrollment. Enrollment management components consist of marketing, admissions and recruitment, academic advising, career planning and placement, academic assistance programs, institutional research, orientation, financial aid, retention programs, and student services and activities (Hossler, 1984). Individuals in leadership roles ranging from the presidents to administrators in various academic and student affairs areas were invited to participate in the study. A survey that inquired about campus enrollment management activities and perceived effectiveness of those activities was distributed through the campus system with support from the Chancellor's Office. Responses were received from each of the 23 campuses with a range of 1 to 6 respondents per campus. A total of 90 surveys revealed the most prevalent enrollment management activities included the use of current students in the recruitment process, campus visits by prospective students, and the use of recruiters making visits. Also, the utilization of professional advisors in the advisement of students was used at a majority of campuses. Almost all the campuses had academic assistance programs in reading and study skills as well as used student tutors. Orientation activities were prevalent amongst all the campuses though student dropout follow-up, services addressing non-traditional students, and programs focused toward commuter students were found to be inconsistent amongst the campuses. From this study, the following conclusions were determined. Certain components of enrollment management, such as recruitment and institutional research, could be standardized. Enrollment management components such as academic advisement and learning assistance must stay within the choice of campus so they can have the latitude to meet the needs of the students they serve. Enrollment Management activities focus on the goal of student retention and persistence

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; California State University; Public universities and colleges -- California -- Admission; Public universities and colleges -- California -- Administration; College attendance -- California -- Planning; College students -- Recruiting -- California

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