The purpose of this study was to design, pilot, and evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher-led intervention using karaoke to improve the reading skills. Elements from previous research (Biggs, Homan, Dedrick, Rasinksi & Minick, 2008; Gupta, 2006) were adapted and integrated with the structure of Writer's Workshop (Calkins, 1991; Graves, 1983) to create an intervention referred to as Karaoke Workshop. The researcher, who also participated in the role of the after-school intervention teacher, adapted existing instructional and design methods and the efficacy of the adaptation of these methods in this context was part of the pilot nature of this study. Two rounds of the design-based research cycle were followed to develop, implement, and evaluate a teacher-led intervention. The impact of the design on three key outcomes was observed leading to several key findings. The most significant finding validated the impact that karaoke has on oral reading fluency. Over an 8-week period, every participant experienced a significant improvement in oral reading fluency, with the average reading rate of participants increasing from 64 to 94 WCPM. In addition, this study offers an instructional model for teachers who want to use karaoke in the classroom. The revised model includes separate instructional routines for teacher-led lessons and for student-driven activity. This model is based on teacher manipulation of three variables, the curriculum, the music, and the technology, which were also explored. This study serves as an exemplar for the integration of music into the curriculum in a way that supports both the arts and student performance with core content. Given the current educational landscape, where arts instruction is often shadowed by an emphasis on the core curriculum and high-stakes testing, it is important for educators to identify ways to integrate the arts that contribute to these high-stakes outcomes.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Educational technology; Reading; Karaoke; Active learning; Teaching -- Aids and devices; Educational technology

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