This mixed quantitative/qualitative study explored the role that Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays in the leadership of church planters in Restoration Movement Churches in the U.S. (specifically Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ) and the relationship between the EI profiles of lead church planters and healthy church growth patterns, according to attendance and financial data 3 years after being planted. This study found that EI plays both a causal role and correlates strongly with healthy church growth within the first 3 years of a new church plant's life. As the first study of its kind among a Restoration Movement sample of church planters, this study assists church planting organizations in identifying and training new church leaders, as well as ongoing leadership development and coaching of individuals who have been called to be church planters.

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Dissertations (MA) -- Organization Development; Church development, New; Emotional intelligence; Christian leadership; Churches of Christ; Restoration movement (Christianity)

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Graziadio Business School



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Rhodes, Kent;