In order to address the complex problems that arise as a result of a disaster, response organizations must know how to effectively collaborate. This study provides an initial exploration of the possible application of trans-organization development (TD) process for improving the effectiveness of disaster response collaborations. Through interviews and on online survey of emergency and disaster services practitioners (both professional and volunteer), this study concluded that while there is clear value in the concepts that the TD process proposes, it was inconclusive as to whether or not the process would improve the effectiveness of collaborations during disaster response. Based on these findings, recommendations for practitioners in the field of emergency management and for further academic research have been proposed to reach further alignment on what collaboration means within the field of disaster response and also how the TD process may improve disaster response collaborations.

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Dissertations (MA) -- Organization Development; Emergency management; Communication in organizations

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Graziadio Business School



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Feyerherm, Ann;