The present mixed method study examined the impacts of brief mindfulness training on cultivation of mindfulness traits, physical and emotional well-being, and relationship quality. Twenty-nine graduate students were organized into a control (n = 14) and a treatment (n = 15) group. All participants completed pre/post measures of their mindfulness competencies, physical and emotional well-being, and relationship quality. The treatment group participated in a 4-week mindfulness training workshop. The control group exhibited no significant changes over the study period. The treatment group exhibited significant improvement of self-reported mindfulness competencies and improved emotional and physical well-being and relationship quality. The results of the present study are encouraging, emphasizing the value of brief training designs for cultivating mindful awareness. Continued practice and research in this area is expected to introduce more and more people to the benefits of mindfulness, enabling them to experience the benefits of more personally attuned and aware living.

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Dissertations (MA) -- Organization Development; Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

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