A resource guide for mental health practitioners working with Latino victims of collective trauma was developed based on a review of the literature. The development of the resource was also informed by two structured interviews with experts in the field of collective trauma within the Latino population. Review of the literature and structured interviews were used to develop culturally sensitive treatment approaches for victims of collective trauma from Latin America. The resource guide offers clinicians culturally adapted interventions, including PTSD measures, a table to identify culture bound syndromes, PTSD psychoeducation handouts (provided in Spanish and English), relaxation skills (e.g. breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, the use of music, meditation), interoceptive exposure protocols, and tools to help clients live a life of meaning as well as restore their roles in the community and within their family. An additional two experts in the field evaluated the resource guide for validity, content, and applicability to the Latino population. Feedback from the evaluators will be used for future versions of the resource guide. Results indicated that the resource guide may be advantageous for Latino victims of collective trauma and may therefore serve as an adjunct to current treatment protocols. The resource guide may assist mental health practitioners in modifying their approach to treatment as well as offer culturally appropriate interventions in order to enhance cultural sensitivity, thus leading to a stronger therapeutic alliance.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Psychic trauma -- Treatment; Post-traumatic stress disorder -- Treatment; Hispanic Americans -- Psychology

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