There is a distinct possibility there may be many people of color who are in leadership positions or applying for leadership positions that believe racial stereotyping creates barriers for opportunity and can hinder one's chances for success. The purpose of this research is to explore strategies used by leaders of color to overcome the threat of racial stereotyping in the Las Vegas hospitality and gaming industry, as it pertains to barriers, opportunities, and success. There are four research questions the researcher explored through leadership, strategies, assimilation and performance. The sample size consisted of twelve leaders of color in the Las Vegas hospitality and gaming industry. Leaders of color were defined as African-American, males and females, and Hispanic-American, males and females. The researcher utilized qualitative interviews as the primary instrument and chose a semi-structured interview format. The researcher asked predetermined questions while still exercising the freedom to seek clarification with follow up and improvised questions. The twelve interviewees were asked seven questions relevant to the four research questions to provide an in-depth analysis. The results of this study concluded that leaders of color have cultivated strategies to overcome the threat of racial stereotyping in the workplace. Although each leader of color in this study had never officially chronicled a professional strategy that is in direct correlation with the threat of racial stereotyping, all of the leaders have been living by a subliminal game plan that is either reactive, proactive or both. The leaders of color in this study were given, and took advantage of the opportunity to disclose what works for him or her in respect to their existence, relationships, and motivation to overcome the threat of racial stereotyping in their respected workplaces.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Discrimination in employment; Minority executives; Diversity in the workplace; Stereotypes (Social psychology)

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