Online business in Saudi Arabia is almost certain to grow because a large proportion of the population is younger than 25, tech perceptive, and global in their perspectives toward product buying in their everyday lives. The purpose of this research was to suggest leadership theories, tactics, and techniques that Saudi Arabian business owners can utilize to pursue online business strategies of growth and success today and in the future. An online instrument surveyed 142 Saudi Arabian citizens to identify factors affecting online business in Saudi Arabia and to identify the necessary skill sets a leader must have to lead an online business in Saudi Arabia. An important limitation of this study was that the history of Saudi Arabian online business was difficult to research and find. Another limitation is that clarifying problems in the Saudi Arabian social, economic, legal, and political environments were a very sensitive, touchy undertaking for certain facts and information. After getting the approval from this study's committee and getting approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Pepperdine University, findings from 142 participants (Saudi Arabian citizens) who took the online survey were analyzed, and based on these findings, the researcher generated implications and recommendations. Some of the findings were that the majority of the respondents preferred responding in Arabic. Most of the respondents were male (75.4%). Only a small percentage was younger than 21 and older than 50. The majority were people with bachelor's and master's degrees. Business owners accounted only 44.4% of the total number of respondents. The growth of online business was attributed to passage of time and likelihood of young people using more online services. The respondents thought that the government did not provide enough infrastructure support for online businesses. According to the findings, the most important leadership traits a leader must have to lead an online business in Saudi Arabia are honesty and integrity.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Electronic commerce -- Saudi Arabia; New business enterprises -- Saudi Arabia -- Management; Leadership

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