Although nations with a dominant worldview of individualism are a minority in the world as a whole, most psychological models are generated based on research conducted in these countries. Existing models and measures of well-being tend to have an individualistic, Western cultural bias, making it difficult to assess the well-being of those whose dominant worldview is more consistent with collectivism. Due to the absence of an existing cross-culturally relevant measure of well-being, the Multidimensional Well-Being Assessment (MWA) was developed. As attention to Middle Eastern populations has not typically received much consideration in psychological literature, this study aimed to inform researchers and clinicians of critical issues relevant to the well-being of those with ancestry and identity in Iran in addition to examining the validity of the MWA in an Iranian sample. This study used a non-random sampling method for data collection and utilized a cross-sectional correlational design to examine both the validity of the MWA and the relationship of dimensions of well-being to several demographic variables. A total of 62 participants were included in this study. The MWA showed good to excellent reliability on most MWA contexts and dimensions, in addition to showing significant positive correlations with two additional measures of well-being and significant negative correlations with a measure of distress and dysfunction. Significant correlations between several demographic variables (including age, length of time in the United States, and relationship status) and several dimensions on the MWA were also found. This study has implications for future research within the fields of culture and well-being with particular attention to unique findings within the Iranian population.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Iranian Americans -- Mental health; Cultural psychiatry; Cross-cultural counseling

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