In an increasingly difficult environment to eat right and exercise and in light of various studies conducted concerning the benefits of workplace wellness programs, this study focuses on fitness and nutrition behaviors demonstrated by employees at an energy company. It researches whether users of a workplace fitness center (WFC) tend to demonstrate healthier behaviors than those of non-WFC users. Data were collected via online surveys and in-person interviews. The findings generated from this research project did not show differences in fitness or nutrition behaviors for the two groups, with one minor exception whereby WFC users tend to walk to speak to colleagues more frequently as compared to non-WFC users. Employees also discussed a variety of fitness and nutrition interventions. These interventions were provided by the company in the form of policies and benefits or resulted from an environment where colleagues influenced each other's fitness and nutrition behaviors.

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Dissertations (MA) -- Organization Development; Employee health promotion; Personnel management

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Graziadio Business School



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Feyerherm, Ann;