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An issue faced by educators throughout the United States is how to successfully educate preservice teachers on various laws, cultural differences, attitudes, and current teaching strategies affecting English Language Learners (ELL) and their educators. Western Illinois University (WIU) implemented an online ELL Module in 2009 that all preservice teachers were required to successfully complete in order to finish their degree programs. This research was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of online features and ELL content from the perspective of current students, graduates and faculty. An online data gathering process surveyed each target group regarding their experience with the ELL Module. Faculty and students were surveyed and historical data from the content management system was retrieved to assess instructional strategies, assessment success, focus of content and applicability to actual classroom instruction of ELL learners. Findings included that the ELL Module topics were worthwhile and educational. Students reported their use of the videos and web-based materials provided, and they indicated that 24/7 availability was important. The actual integration of the module into a class demonstrated an effective strategy for implementation. Students who spent more time exploring the module content showed more frequent first attempt success with the module lessons' assessment. Conclusions included the importance of web-based resources with round the clock availability. Faculty clearly desired face-to-face opportunities with students even though the ELL Module was designed for online delivery. Lesson content focus did affect the amount of time students spent in the lesson even though the lessons were weighted equally. The recommendations resulting from this program evaluation include adding strategy specific videos and encouraging students to spend more time exploring the material currently available to them through the ELL Module to facilitate success in the lesson assessment. Also offering the ELL Module as an integrated portion of a preexisting course or creating an ELL blended course for all education majors provides faculty with their preference for having direct contact with students to promote lively discussions. Finally, actively sharing material from the ELL Module, on the College of Education and Human Service's website supports the preparation of preservice teachers for future experiences

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Learning technologies; English language -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- Foreign speakers; English language -- Computer-assisted instruction for foreign speakers; Teaching -- Methodology

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