Josh Dazel


This study evaluated the effects of leader social intelligence (SI) on employee engagement (EE) by measuring 36 leaders' SI and interviewing 10 leaders. Although managers were rated as utilizing SI competencies, there were no direct relationships with follower EE ratings. Findings suggested that Empathy may be the most effective SI for EE. Findings suggested that the SI competency of Teamwork also may have some impact. Mixed support was generated for the other five SIs. Support was inconclusive regarding direct relationships between leader SI and EE. However, 17 leaders with the highest EE scores exhibited significant relationships between EE and the SIs of Teamwork, Organizational Awareness, Empathy, and Social Awareness. Further research is necessary to examine other variables that may impact EE, such as job design. Practical implications of this study are that training and coaching investments in leader Empathy and Teamwork may enhance EE outcomes.

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Research projects (MSOD); Social intelligence; Leadership; Employee motivation; Personnel management

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Graziadio Business School



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Groves, Kevin