This study examined the organizational culture and leadership values that affect successful Native American water utility organizations to find the Native American leadership values that impact these organizations. The study utilized the organizational culture assessment instrument (OCAI) and focus group interviews to identify the inherent values. Three organizations participated. The OCAI surveys were completed online, and the results averaged, plotted, and discussed with participants. The competing values plots for the organizations studied were similar among the organizations. The hierarchical culture scored higher for all three organizations and the market, adhocracy, and clan cultures all had similar scores. The common organizational culture and leadership values discovered were employee engagement, employee development, mentoring leadership, person-job fit, and participatory decision making. Common environmental factors found included protecting public health, lack of customer involvement, and tribal government support. Native American leadership values found included participatory decision making, individual motivation, and mentoring and humble leadership.

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Research projects (MSOD); Corporate culture; Indian leadership

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Graziadio Business School



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Chesley, Julie;