This study examined the expatriate program at one multinational manufacturing and aerospace organization. Eleven expatriates were interviewed. Study findings provided insights about participants' experiences during each phase of their expatriate assignment, including selection, preparation, arrival, adaptation, and repatriation. Participants were mixed in their evaluation of the company's expatriate program, with some believing it worked well and others believing it needed improvement. Participants offered six recommendations to the organization: (a) pick qualified individuals for assignment, (b) help them take care of the details, (c) provide them with adequate training and information, (d) involve knowledgeable others in the process, (e) plan for the expatriates' return in advance, and (f) allow for returning expatriates to debrief. Continued research should examine expatriation in other settings, gather the perspectives of the many stakeholders to the expatriate process, and conduct action research based on the recommendations offered in this study.

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Research projects (MSOD); International business enterprises -- Personnel management; Corporate culture -- Cross-cultural studies; Employment in foreign countries

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Graziadio Business School



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