Ann Chu


Abstract In addition to satisfying basic human needs such as food and shelter, jobs can also satisfy an individual's need for identity, creative expression, and purpose. Job loss constitutes a major life stressor that can negatively affect one's financial stability, social standing, and sense of well being. Resilience represents those characteristics that help an individual bounce back quickly from a traumatic event. This study examined the role of resilience in laid-off employees recovering from job loss. Ten participants completed a survey and interview in this mixed methods study. Personal competence, social support, and family coherence were determined to most strongly influence resilience. Based on these results, it is critical for organizations, human resource professionals, and the displaced employees themselves to initiate and support these activities in the aftermath of job loss. Key limitations to this study included using a small sample size and a non-validated survey instrument.

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Research projects (MSOD); Unemployment -- Psychological aspects; Displaced workers -- Psychology; Adaptability (Psychology)

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Graziadio Business School



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Worley, Christopher G.