The purpose of this study was to examine the current practice procedures and recommendations for conducting forensic personal injury evaluations. This 2-pronged phenomenological approach examined current practice procedures for conducting personal injury evaluations via a literature review and recommendations from experts to gather information regarding their current practice procedures and recommendations for conducting personal injury evaluations. This dissertation was completed along with another study to explore the development of a standard of care in forensic psychological evaluations. Both studies discussed general issues related to the development of a standard of care in forensic psychological evaluation. However, each study also focused on a specific type of forensic evaluation. This study focused on the development of a standard of care for personal injury evaluations and the other study focused on competency evaluations. A total of 6 licensed psychologists who have completed personal injury and/or competency evaluations were recruited for participation. Qualitative analyses of open-ended responses from the semi-structured interview were assessed in order to aid in understanding the experiences of forensic mental health evaluators and to ascertain whether an enforceable standard of care is necessary to standardize forensic psychological evaluations. The results of the qualitative analyses support expanding the current foundation of forensic mental health evaluation with the implementation of a standard of care. The 3 overarching themes that were prominently discussed in the literature review and reiterated by participant interview data can be constructed around the issues of: proper preparation and presentation of findings to the legal system, use of psychological testing and appropriate methodology, and mechanical/stylistic issues in report writing.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Forensic psychology -- Methodology; Personal injuries -- Psychological aspects

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de Mayo, Robert R.;