Telecommuting affects workers across job-related and person-related dimensions. Extant research highlights the impacts on work intensification, job satisfaction, isolation and development, manager and coworker relations, work-family conflict, physical and psychological health, gender and identity, time and space. This study explores telecommuter perceptions of the most profound impacts of the work arrangement and identifies actions they or their employers can take to enhance the experience. The research focuses on the experience of this population and investigates the phenomena using a mixed-methods approach consisting of an online survey and in-depth interviews. Results indicate the most profound impacts are: work intensity, isolation and development, work-family conflict and time, and job satisfaction. Moreover, these impacts display close correlations with others analyzed. These impacts also reflected the paradoxical dynamics of telecommuting work arrangements. Participants recommended that communication technology and practicing clear, consistent, and frequent communication with colleagues would enhance the telecommuting experience.

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Research projects (MSOD); Telecommuting -- Evaluation; Telecommuting -- Management

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