Although applied in organizational settings, storytelling is not commonly used or understood in change efforts. Furthermore, storytelling's impact on changing organizational culture has not been widely examined. This study therefore sought to answer the question: What is the effect of stories on culture change? Twenty-five participants (4 managers and 21 associates) completed one-on-one, in-person interviews prior to a storytelling workshop. All associates attended the storytelling workshop, followed by interviews of all four managers and four randomly selected associates regarding culture change. This study found that storytelling, in particular the storytelling workshop, influenced the behaviors and attitudes of organizational members and, as a result, began to impact the organization's culture. Organization development practitioners can apply storytelling to culture change strategies by telling their own stories, eliciting the personal stories of organization members, and encouraging management to reinforce the desired culture that has been changed.

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Research projects (MSOD); Organizational effectiveness; Organizational change; Employees -- Training of; Storytelling

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