This study examined the influence of traditional Alaska Native cultural values on current business practices within Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs). Five past and eight current chief executive officers of ANCs were interviewed to determine the impact of traditional Alaska Native cultural values on the ANCs. Key issues were identified by both samples. Basic assumptions of each sample also were determined. Values driving both samples additionally were identified. The study findings revealed substantial similarities from the two sets of leaders. It was concluded that reconciling the two different value systems (Western and Alaska Native) appears to have been achieved by blending education and experience in business and loyalty to an Alaska Native value system. Although several limitations affected this study and continued research is necessary to more deeply understand the interplay of the cultures, the study results suggest that blending two diverse cultures within the context of a corporation is possible without sacrificing business success or the central values of either culture.

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Research projects (MSOD); Alaska Native corporations; Business enterprises -- Social aspects -- Alaska; Organizational leadership

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Graziadio Business School



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Feyerherm, Ann;