The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of high school administrators in Gwinnett and Cobb Counties, Georgia that have successfully narrowed the achievement gap for high school African-American males as to: (a) why the achievement gap continues to occur in other metropolitan high schools in the United States; (b) what successful strategies they credit for closing the achievement gap of African-American males at their respective schools; and (c) what additional strategies they might consider in order curb the achievement gap for African-American males at their respective schools. The following research questions were the basis of this study: 1. What strategies have been implemented by principals of Gwinnett and Cobb County Georgia high schools to successfully close the achievement gap for low income African-American students? 2. What additional strategies, if any, might principles of Gwinnett and Cobb County Georgia high schools consider implementing in their continuing efforts to close the African-American achievement gap? 3. What are the perceptions of Gwinnett and Cobb County high school administrators who are successfully closing the achievement gap in their respective schools as to how the achievement gap for high school African-American males in metropolitan districts in the United States might be narrowed? This was a qualitative research study. The data instrument was an open-ended questionnaire that examined common themes related to narrowing the achievement gap. The data collection process involved examining responses for commonalities and perspectives related to strategies that might be used to further close the achievement gap. Conclusion of the research revealed that site-based reforms, mentoring programs, tutoring programs, parental involvement, and constant communication between the school, parents, and the community are strategies needed to increase graduation rates and narrow the achievement gap between African-American males and their Caucasian peers.

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