The purpose of this thesis was to design and evaluate an educational intervention focusing on the role of positive emotions in the workplace. An informational workshop was delivered to the full staff of 18 teachers and 2 directors at Circle of Children Preschool in Santa Monica, California, and emphasized positive emotions and their implications in the workplace in an effort to enhance awareness of emotions and inspire increased levels of positive emotions. A sample set of the staff evaluated the workshop and its effectiveness. The sample was surveyed and interviewed for levels of positive emotions prior to the workshop and, again, after the workshop for a comparison of possible change in levels of positive emotions. Findings were varied. Quantitative survey results showed a slight decline in levels of positive emotions, whereas qualitative interviews acknowledged positive effects in both understanding the value of positive emotions and inspiring a shift towards a more positive outlook in the workplace.

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Research projects (MSOD); Teachers -- Training of

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Egan, Terri;