This study reports the results of an online questionnaire administered to a sample of adults who participated in a weeklong youth citizenship seminar at a private Christian university between 1986 and 2006. Using constructs put forth by Westheimer & Kahne (2004a), the study finds that former seminar participants demonstrate noteworthy levels of personally responsible and participatory citizenship, but less involvement in justiceoriented citizenship activities. Voting by respondents who were exposed to political issues or discussions held in their home was significant at the <0.05 level. Voting by respondents whose parents were active politically was significant at the <0.01 level. The study is responsive to concerns regarding effective strategies for increasing the probability of adolescents becoming involved citizens as adults. The study also informs the discussion on the developmental roots of civic involvement, and further elaborates the link between adolescent involvement in youth programs and adult civic behavior.

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Youth Citizenship Seminar; Citizenship -- United States; Dissertations (EdD) -- Organization change

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Weber, Margaret J.