The purpose of this study was to assess adult English Learners’ perceptions of using Microsoft Teams in classes. Specifically, the study aims to explore the strength and direction of the correlation between the elements of the technology acceptance model (TAM) and using Microsoft Teams in English language courses. This study addressed the following research question: What are the strengths and directions of the correlations between the elements of the technology acceptance model and the use of Microsoft Teams among adult ELs?

The researcher utilized a quantitative methods approach to investigate the relationship between TAM variables and the use of Microsoft Teams in an adult English course. An anonymous online survey questionnaire based on Alfadda and Mahdi’s (2021) research was used in the study through a secure online platform Survey Monkey and also the researcher sent out the link to colleagues to collect data from their adult EL. SPSS will be used to analyze the data using descriptive statistical techniques. The research participants were 195 adult English learners who utilized Microsoft Teams for their English learning during the COVID-19 pandemic from 2019 to 2022. The researcher developed descriptive statistics for the Likert-scale survey items and used SPSS to run Person’s correlation coefficient to obtain more information on the relationships between the variables. The study’s descriptive statistics findings reveal a strong positive correlation between the effective use of Microsoft Teams and the attitudes and intentions of students regarding its usage.

As the results showed, the positive correlation can be used by educators as well as institutions to get more individuals to use Microsoft Teams as a useful tool for teaching English to adults.

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English language—Study and teaching--Adult students; Educational technology-- Microsoft software

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