The present case study research details Amazon’s role as the convener of The Climate Pledge (TCP), a transorganizational system of over 400 signatories as of 2023 collaborating to address the climate crisis and issues surrounding the decarbonization of the global economy. The study answered one central question: How did Amazon’s role as a convener impact TCP, as experienced by stakeholders? Study participants were Amazon employees working for TCP. Data sources included interviews, TCP public announcements, and internal communications. The study determined that Amazon utilized robust action tactics from 2019-2023, indicative of a Convener. Findings indicated that Amazon’s future convening strategy involves crafting an environment for organic interorganizational collaboration between signatories through joint-collaboration initiatives and the Passport platform launched in May 2023. Findings also identified Amazon’s TCP-specific organizational capabilities developed to (a) grow the signatory base to more than 400 organizations, (b) author and publish 81 pieces on theclimatepledge.com website, and (c) facilitate several joint-collaboration initiatives in pursuit of carbon net neutrality. Additional research of this case is suggested, using data collection methods of holistic interviewing, observation, and analysis of network communication within Amazon’s Passport platform for TCP signatories, and investigation into the role of storytelling as a key capability for Conveners.

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Climatic changes; Amazon.com (Firm)

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Graziadio Business School



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Ann Feyerherm